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“A centralised offering and advanced administrative management to enable organisers to offer their customers a better experience”

Chester Dan (MarketingMag June 2020)

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Are you a startup, a young company, a young independent or even a more mature company?

Thanks to Boothsharing, you can benefit from shared costs for the rental of your stand.

Thanks to this system, you will be able to participate in major events while respecting your budgets!

...or share it!

Unable to attend the event for the whole duration? Or maybe you don’t need all the space available on your stand?

Well, Boothsharing offers you the opportunity to share your booth (if the organiser allows it)! 

How does it work?


Search, choose and book: the request is sent instantly to the organiser! 


According to the rules established by the organiser, your booking will be confirmed once the payment has been made 

Share it!

Detail your offer as much as possible and choose the right categories and appear in the search results.

Let's begin now!

What our community says !

We decided to take part in a trade fair at the last minute. We were able to quickly reach the organisers and even book our booth online 🙂
Sophie Mercier Autofestival
It wouldn't have been possible to make our dream of attending a food fair come true for a long time had we not been able to share our space.
Jonas Rabin BioTech MXS
This extensive visibility of fairs and exhibitions allows us to better allocate our resources and better identify our priorities. A lot of time can be saved thanks to the digitised process, which is especially important for small start-ups.
Barroud Mijazin Esiket Regix
While participating in the Food Market Fair, I was missing a sales representative from my team who was sick. I was able to quickly find backup on Boothsharing! An experienced local sales representative was able to help us!
Isabelle Kanawar Boatme

How do I register?

On the portal, you can access the registration page top right. Once you have filled in your data and accepted our Terms of Service, you will have access to your Dashboard. 

How do I find an ad?

A detailed search module allows you to find trade fairs and events according to your needs and geographical areas.

How do I make a booking?

There’s a calendar to the right of every booth ad showing possible booking dates. The organiser can choose either to accept your booking directly or to validate your participation manually. 

Can I contact the organisers?

Yes, we have set up a system that allows potential renters to contact the organisers through the platform. 

How do I warn Boothsharing about a suspicious ad?

You can reach us at any time at Please indicate the link to the ad and tell us why you are reporting it. 

Who can share a booth?

Any person and/or entity authorised and approved by the organisers of a fair or exhibition. 

How can I share a booth?

If authorised by the organiser, you can share your booth at any time by posting an ad on Boothsharing. 

What does it cost to post an ad?

It is totally free to post an ad. If you rent your stand through our platform, you will be charged 15% commission on the total booking fee.

How do I pay?

Online. We want to facilitate the rental process and allow you to make the most of this time to ensure that your participation is a success 🙂

How can I get more information?

There is a chat tool on the portal. Take a good look at the ads, as they may include documents and links to all the requested information. 

Does Boothsharing validate the ads?

No, we don’t systematically check the ads, but we may decide to conduct random checks. 

How is billing managed?

Directly on your Dashboard. You can follow the bookings made and the invoices issued in real time. 

What features does the Dashboard have?

Your Dashboard gives you access to your ads, bookings, the invoicing and payment module as well as a tool allowing you to chat with your clients or potential clients.

How do I contact Boothsharing?

You can write to us at