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“A centralised offering and advanced administrative management to enable organisers to offer their customers a better experience”

Chester Dan (MarketingMag June 2020)

Market your stands!

Boothsharing is a MarketPlace that groups together all the events and fairs around the world, allowing you to acquire new exhibitors in an easy and intuitive way.

The health crisis also has a major impact on diary management, so we’ll help you update your dates in just a few clicks.

Share a booth with several exhibitors!

Unable to attend the event for the whole duration? Or maybe you don’t need all the space available on your stand?

Well, Boothsharing gives you the opportunity to share your booth (if the organiser allows it)!

How does it work?

Create your listings

Create your account on Boothsharing by entering all your personal data and payment details.

Manage features

Choose the package of your choice, pay it online and enjoy it immediately!

Manage reservations

Detail your offer as much as possible and choose the right categories and appear in the search results.


Monitor your account’s activity, update data and manage billing, all from your account!

Let's begin now!

What our community says !

Thanks to Boothsharing, I was able to participate at the last minute in an event for which there were no more stands. On Boothsharing, an exhibitor sold me his stand. Thank you for your helpful services!
Laurence Kazan CES Tech exhibitors
Thanks to Boothsharing, we have digitised the way we organise our events, making follow up easier
Elise Barran Mirras
With limited resources, Boothsharing allows us to be visible in every part of the world with a centralised and easily accessible offering for potential exhibitors
John Predik Food Market expo
Updating our offering by increasing or decreasing the rental possibilities allows us to follow the evolution of demand on a daily basis and to adapt our offering which is now available to all!
Paul Kogan Startup Exhibitor

Smart. Easy. Useful.

How do I register?

On the portal, you can access the registration page top right. Once you have filled in your data and accepted our Terms of Service you’ll have access to your Dashboard. 

How do I post an ad?

Once your account has been created, you can easily post your ads through your Dashboard: click on “Add listing” and follow all the steps prior to putting the ad online.

How much does it cost?

It is totally free to post an ad. If you rent your stand through our platform, you will be charged 15% commission on the total booking fee.

Can I modify an ad?

Yes, our booking module allows you to modify your ads. However, if a stand has already been booked, the modification of the ad may be subject to the lessor’s approval. 

Can I add documents?

Yes, absolutely! When you post your ad, you can share all the documents you consider useful, as well as the general conditions concerning the booking of your booth, cancellation conditions, photos, etc.

How is billing managed?

Directly on your Dashboard. You can follow the bookings made and the invoices issued in real time. 

What features does the Dashboard have?

Your Dashboard gives you access to your ads, bookings, the invoicing and payment module as well as a tool allowing you to chat with your clients or potential clients. 

Are tailor-made services available?

Yes. For instance, we can take care of posting the ads for all your booths. Send your request to A sales representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Can I change the date of the event?

You can extend or shorten the dates of your events and even postpone them. Given the current COVID situation, there may well be cancellations, so in terms of booth sharing, please be very careful as regards organisation. 

Who checks the ads?

Boothsharing isn’t responsible for checking the ads. On the other hand, we may randomly decide to carry out checks.

Who can book a booth?

Anyone (natural person and/or legal entity) can book a booth on our website. You can also choose to validate a booking before it has been confirmed. In this case, leave the “Allow Instant booking” box blank. 

How can I promote my fair/exhibition?

Send your request to A sales representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the options. 

How to launch a marketing campaign with Boothsharing?

Send your request to A sales representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the options. 

How do I contact Boothsharing?

You can write to us at

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